In 2013, our workshop was privileged to have the opportunity to supply, engineer, fabricate and install Hero, a public monument designed by architect Antonio Pio Saracino.  The homage to Michelangelo’s David was created in white Vermont Olympic White marble, measures four meters (thirteen feet) in height, and weighs more than three tons.  It is formed through a system of repeated planes addressing the surrounding skyscraper architecture, and can be viewed on permanent display at 1095 Avenue of Americas, the gateway to Bryant Park.  

The monument was meticulously fabricated and assembled, with over 170 different pieces shaped and organized with exact tolerances.  To achieve proper balance and proportion, our programmers went through many levels of computer generated modeling to ensure symmetry, balance and structural integrity. The installation was executed precisely with exact pick points determined to safeguard the proper engagement of each heavy segment. 

Explore the image galleries and videos below for more insight into the complex process used to create Hero


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Creation of Hero: Phase 2

Creation of Hero: Phase 1