Mechanical Hand: Using Machines to FinisH


Instructor: Miles Driscoll

Dates: July 21-22

Skill Level: Beginner

Class Limit: 6

TUITON: $550 per session

Are machines mere assistants to the hand, or can they become finishing tools in their own right?  Learn to put your fingerprint in stone using digital software and cutting-edge robotic CNC technology in this 2-day workshop, the first in a 2-part series.  Participants will be led through every phase of the design process, beginning with an introduction to concepts of CNC milling and tool paths, using Rhinoceros 3D® (Rhino) and AARP.  A hands-on demonstration will be given using clay, wherein students can actively understand the marks made by each tool. Then participants will then use their physical models to generate a computer-aided design, culminating in their pieces being milled on a 7-axis robotic CNC machine.

While the pieces are being carved, the class will discuss how to take CAD to the next level: generating models natively in Rhino, instead of relying on a physical model.  This anticipates the next workshop in the series, which will explore creating models using experimental parameters directly in the software.

Course requirements: None

Tuition includes: Instruction, and one milled limestone tile approximately 6”x6”x2”.