This series developed from the desire to be able to bring multiple disciplines and artists together in a process that allowed for each expert to leave their own mark on the work.

From the initial clay model, to the digital scanning and 3D rendering of the work, to the milling and hand finishing and detailing; this series brought together artists from multiple artistic disciplines. Together, the Collective pushed the boundaries between traditional fine art and technology.

Frida Kahlo post 7axis.jpg

North American Sculpture Collective Frida Kahlo Bust

$ 39,000

10.5 x 15.5 x 20.5 102 Lbs Vermont Danby Marble Limited Edition


Frida Kahlo’s life has become as iconic as her work, in no small part because she was her own most popular subject: roughly one third of her entire oeuvre is self-portraits. Her works were intensely personal and political, often reflecting her turbulent personal life, and her illness. Kahlo dedicated her life and her art to the Mexican Revolution and the simultaneous artistic renaissance it engendered. She identified most strongly with Mexican popular and folk art, also evidenced in her habit of dressing elaborately in Tehuana costumes.

Digitally created, robotically milled, and incredibly detailed and finished by skillful artistic hands. We wanted to capture her uniqueness in this bust made of Danby Marble rendered at 1.5 times actual scale.

The North American Sculpture Collective presents their Artist Bust Series where each bust was created by a team of designers, engineers, and artists who came together to combine traditional techniques and digital technology to create this series.