The North American Sculpture Center is an annex of Precision Stone Inc., whose outstanding reputation serving the architectural and design community has been developed over the last 35 years.  Building on this, the NASC looks ahead to the future of art and design in stone, offering a new space for all artists, artisans, and designers to explore and push the boundaries of what was previously possible using this timeless material.  Whether it’s pedestal-sized sculpture, life-sized architectural monument, or a detailed, ornamental masterpiece, the possibilities and resources are limitless.  Our expert digital modelers, restorers, engineers, mold makers, stone carvers, machine technicians and riggers are ready to assist at any phase in a project.

NASC is not only a premier fabrication facility, but a place where anyone can come to learn and join the conversation. Whether expert or untrained, we offer classes in traditional stone carving techniques, clay modeling, digital modeling, and digital fabrication. NASC seeks to continually build a community where ideas never sleep. 


The North American Sculpture Center has emerged from a unique moment in time where age-old artisan-ship converges with groundbreaking technologies, opening new avenues for exploring human creativity in stone in a more comprehensive and innovative manner than has ever been possible. We reinforce traditional techniques that have been developed over millennia and passed down through generations due to their success, while actively exploring new technologies and advancements that allow for novel ways of thinking about and shaping stone.



The preservation and advancement of artistry in stone has always occurred through a synergy of professional projects and learning.  The NASC seeks to combine these two, key features in our center, nurturing a fruitful dialogue between tried-and-true methods and experimental tools and methodologies, between experienced masters and emerging talent.  We are creating a community and conversation around the best possibilities for working this venerable material and how our shared passion for it can contribute to stone's continuing enrichment of human culture.



Located a convenient twenty five miles from New York City, our state-of-the art, 40,000-square-foot center hosts a fully-equipped sculpture workspace furnished with everything needed to realize projects from miniature to monumental, from singular pieces to complex assemblages.  Available resources include cutting-edge 7-axis robotics, 5-axis CNC, and extensive stone fabrication equipment, combined with the hand skills of master stone carvers.