Application Opens August 2019

The North American Sculpture Center’s Residency Program will be integral to the creative and learning environment within our studio and in our goal to create a space for discourse and experimentation for artists working in stone. The mission of the NASC is to foster the use of traditional techniques and methods of stone carving while expanding the use of technology in sculpting to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished in stone.

The objective of the NASC residency program is embody this mission and to give artists the opportunity to develop work(s) in the medium of stone using both traditional stone carving techniques and digital fabrication technology. The program and facilities are designed to form a community of artists to foster the expansion and exchange of artistic practices in stone carving. The application is open to artists at any point in their artistic career and prior knowledge of stonework is not necessary. Applicants are expected to bring new and innovative ideas in the medium of stone and the program through their proposals. The NASC’s residency program is generously funded by Precision Stone Inc at the NASC’s studio in Westbury, NY.

Please submit all application materials in PDF format along with this form to


+ Details and expectations

The NASC residency provides the resident with up to 35 hours of assisted production time which includes the use of any of our machines and for instruction on stone carving if needed. In addition to the machine time and/or instruction, the program provides space within our shared studio and tools to use for the duration of the residency. Any stone material needed, can be sourced by the NASC ahead of the start of the residency at the cost of the artist. The length of the residency is 3 - 5 months depending on the scale and number of works proposed and will be determined by the NASC during the application process.

During their residency, artists are expected to participate in any programming or events that are sponsored by the NASC. This may include studio tours, talks, exhibitions, and workshops. The artist should also expect to be featured on our social media and website.

The program does not provide housing, transportation, or a stipend. This will be the responsibility of the artist to arrange prior to the start of their residency. For artists applying from outside of the U.S, you are also responsible for any and all visa requirements. Other expenses may include any additional machine/milling time and additional specific tools needed. The NASC does not supply or fabricate any materials other than stone. If the proposed work includes any elements in another material, this is the responsibility of the artist to source and produce. Artists are encouraged to bring their own tools and supplies if possible.


  • Resident will complete the proposed project during the allotted time
  • Participate and play an active role in our community including participating in any workshops, studio tours, or events
  • Follow the rules and guidelines presented in the provided handbook

+ Support and Materials Provided

  • 10’ x 12’ Work space in shared studio
  • 35 hours of machine assistance and/or hand work instruction
  • Support to identify and secure materials
  • Marketing and publicity on our Social Media and website
  • Individual locker for tools and personal storage


  • Hand Chisels
    • Steel 3-4 tooth at various widths
    • Steel flat 4-13mm widths
    • Point 6-18mm widths
  • Pneumatic Chisels
    • Brushing 9-16 point
    • Flat Carbide 8-16mm widths
    • Carbide 12-14mm widths
    • (E) Carbide 4-8mm widths
  • Hammers, 400- 1500 gram
  • Die Grinders, 3 and 6mm burs
  • Rasps
  • Measurement Tools including calipers, stone compass, and rulers
  • Abrasives 40 - 600

+ Application Requirements

  • Artist CV
  • Written statement answering:
    • What do you hope to achieve during the residency?
    • How will this opportunity advance your artistic career?
  • Demonstrate completed research and development of your proposed project
  • Detailed project proposal
    • Must include a sketch/rendering of desired project with dimensions and materials
    • Provide an estimated timeline for the fabrication of your project
  • Work samples
    • At least 5-10 images with captions (title, date, medium, and dimensions for each work)

Please submit all supporting application materials in PDF format along with this form to

Due to the limited space available, applications will be taken on a rolling basis and will be reviewed based on the quality of application and potential for making the most out of their time in the program. Upon receipt of this application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt and we will respond to applicants who we feel will most benefit from our program and community. If accepted you will be expected to sign a contract confirming the residency dates, acknowledgment of any additional expenses, and general expectations while at the NASC.


For further information, please contact us at